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Are you considering utilizing a coach service for your wedding, school, company or sports team during the coronavirus pandemic? Here’s why a full size motorcoach will be the right choice. 

The COVID-19 health pandemic has caused the entire world to grind to a halt and Boston has been no exception. However, sooner or later, it’s crucial that things begin to move again. Schools will need to reopen, businesses will need to regroup and events will be back on schedule. We will all have to adjust to the new normal. Choosing the right services during this time will be crucial and that is certainly true in terms of transportation. 

Whether you are running a business, a public organization, or holding a special event, you might require a motorcoach. At Local Motion of Boston, we believe that the full size motor coaches we offer will be the ideal choice during this pandemic. Here are some of the main benefits that you can expect with this option. 


Experts agree that the spread of the coronavirus can be avoided by ensuring that surfaces remain clean. You may have already noticed that public businesses are improving their hygiene standards and disinfecting surfaces more regularly. Indeed, according to reports the coronavirus can remain on certain services longer than others including plastic and metal. That’s why you need to make sure that the transportation option you choose is clean and safe for everyone from school children to employees. Our full size motor coaches are kept in immaculate condition and disinfected thoroughly every day before and after they are used. 

We will make sure that there is absolutely no bacteria present in any of the coaches that we offer to our clients. This is just one of the ways we will ensure that you are safe from the threat of this new pandemic. 


Social distancing is the second key way to ensure that the spread of the disease can be effectively reduced. Ideally, it is recommended that members of the public remain two meters or six feet apart. Airlines are struggling to adapt to this new requirement. However, with a full size motorcoach, it’s possible for each member of your team or employee to effectively social distance. We can guarantee that everyone on the motorcoach will have more than enough room to feel comfortable and, more importantly, safe. 


Another way to social distance is to ensure that you are able to separate your team members from the general public. Ideally, you want to make sure that employees are not integrating with other members of society before arriving at work or at a key event for your company. A full size Boston motorcoach is a fantastic way to avoid this. Instead, everyone on your team can travel together and ensure that you don’t have to worry about them mixing with people outside of your business. This is another key way that you can make sure that you are taking the right steps to prevent the spread and help keep the curve flat. 

Furthermore, you may want to ensure that you gain privacy for your team or your wedding party. With a full size motorcoach, this is a possibility. This will again ensure the maximum level of comfort and keep everyone on your business trip happy. 


It’s true to say that tensions are running high right now. Even as we emerge from the pandemic and it becomes safe to travel once more, individuals are going to be nervous and perhaps even apprehensive. They will wonder whether they are safe and being provided the right level of protection. This is why it’s important to ensure that you are doing everything possible to reduce the nerves of team members and employees. A full size Boston motorcoach can provide the key benefits necessary to ensure everyone is comfortable. It will allow them to stretch out, relax, unwind, and perhaps even enjoy the journey once more. 


Finally, the coronavirus crisis is going to lead to a lot of businesses adjusting their budget. We’re delighted to say that our full size motor coaches are available at rates that deliver tremendous value for every company or organization. We want to ensure that anyone can afford the high-quality travel solution that they deserve. 

Our company has more than 25 years of history providing a safe and reliable service to our clients throughout Boston. As such, we’re confident we can deliver the full support people need throughout this crisis. Our full size motor-coaches are safe, spacious, and ready to serve all your needs. 

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