Are you exploring transportation solutions for your school during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here are some of the key reasons why a full size school bus will be the right choice. 

As we start to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic areas of the public sector will reopen and life will slowly but surely return to normal. Indeed, the government is already pushing for schools to reopen over the next few weeks and months. If this does occur, then it will be essential that schools can find services that fit in with new requirements while maintaining the right level of quality. At Local Motion of Boston, we are confident our full size Boston school buses will deliver the key solution. 

These are some of the crucial benefits that our school buses can deliver during this pandemic. 

Keeping Things Clean

One of the greatest fears surrounding the coronavirus is how easily it can spread from one person to another. That’s why it’s crucial to take the right steps to reduce the chance of spreading the disease as much as possible. The best possible way to do this is to ensure a high level of hygiene. However, this goes beyond people washing their hands. It’s important that public areas are disinfected regularly. We guarantee that our full size Boston school buses will regularly be disinfected to ensure that they are clean for children and staff members. Our service will be integral in ensuring that there is not a risk of spread in your school. 

Plenty Of Space

Another way to reduce the chance of spreading the virus is through social distancing. This means that it will be important that children are able to keep apart, particularly when in enclosed spaces. A full size school bus provides for this possibility. Indeed, with our school buses you can guarantee that children will have plenty of space which will help significantly reduce the risk of potentially spreading the coronavirus. 

High Level Of Privacy 

In terms of social distancing, it’s also important to keep one population or group separate from another. A full size school bus will guarantee that children get the transportation to and from school they need without interacting with the public. This again reduces the chance of the coronavirus impacting your school population. Privacy will also ensure that children are safe and protected from other more typical threats beyond the coronavirus. 

Furthermore, the right level of privacy is also going to help ensure that children can relax on school trips or on their trips to school locations. 

Room For Everything 

When travel is once more allowed through Boston, school children will need transport for a variety of reasons. For instance, school teams will need to travel to various events, games, and tournaments. This may require the transportation of not just the players but sports equipment. Our full size school buses provide for this possibility while ensuring that the equipment doesn’t impact the overall comfort of the players or members of staff. 

Peace Of Mind For Parents 

Parents will be anxious about letting their children return to schools, even after things begin to return to normal in Boston. They will be concerned about whether their children are safe from contracting the virus and keen to guarantee that all the necessary safety measures are going to be in place. A full size school bus will be a step in the right direction. You will be able to highlight to parents that children are being given the right amount of space to socially distance effectively and provided with the full support that they need. You will be able to offer them reassurance that you are taking all the appropriate steps to match the latest regulations and protect their children. 

Keeping Things Comfortable 

Finally, it will always be important to ensure that children remain comfortable, whether they are traveling to and from school or heading out on a school trip. This is particularly crucial during a pandemic because children may be worried about the danger of the coronavirus. Ensuring a high level of comfort will help them keep their minds off the pandemic and ensure that they don’t get stressed regardless of where they are traveling to. 

As schools begin to reopen in Boston, it will be essential that they can offer the absolute best transport services. At Local Motion of Boston, we are ready to deliver the solution schools require and ensure that children, parents, and staff members can access the transport services that they need.

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