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When you need to transport any sized group around the Boston or New England area, the last thing you want is hassles arising from trying to move a number of people from one place to another. Trying to manage any sized group of people can be difficult, with as many different opinions and preferences as there are individuals in the group. Then too, there are the external factors which can also have an impact on group travel, such as traffic, weather, road construction, and even finding the destination itself.

To remove all these potential obstructions and hazards, the very best choice you can make is to arrange for group transportation with Local Motion of Boston. Not only do we handle all the potential road interruptions for you, but we make the journey extremely pleasant and comfortable for all participants while doing so. With more than 25 years of experience at moving groups from place to place, Local Motion has no trouble meeting and exceeding the expectations of all our clients.

Customized experience

Whatever kind of event you are planning, or whatever kind of special needs you may have in transporting a number of people around the greater Boston area or throughout New England, we can customize the experience to fit the needs of the group. We do our very best to accommodate everyone in your group, because we recognize that all individuals have their own specific concept of comfort and relaxation. With everyone being satisfied like this, that takes all the worry and all the stress out of transportation, and allows all members of your group the opportunity to simply focus on the event itself, rather than on getting there or returning from it.

Part of that group customization process includes supplying you with a vehicle that fits the needs of your group, which can be sized anywhere from just a few individuals on up to a few thousand. We have a fleet of vehicles that includes mini-vans, school buses, and luxury motor coaches that can pamper all your group members, and make them feel like the red carpet has been rolled out for them.

Why choose us?

Local Motion team members have a thorough knowledge of the entire region around Boston, including the areas of New England, so there’s nothing along the way which will surprise our drivers. That knowledge and experience will help get your group members to the destination on time, and in style, so that no mishaps occur along the way which might detract from the ride. Our drivers also are well indoctrinated about the importance of safety, so you can count on everyone arriving at the destination without incident.

With more than two decades of providing this kind of luxury transportation to clients, our drivers are reliable in the extreme, and that means you and your entire group can forget all about the details of the ride, and simply enjoy the sights. Since we can also tailor any transportation experience to the circumstances attending your event, we have the flexibility to handle any kind of group transportation requirements you may have. In short, call Local Motion before contacting anyone else, and we feel confident that you’ll end up being very glad you did.

Boston Group Transportation Services

Local Motion is your local group transportation expert, having provided over 25 years of safe and dependable charter bus, shuttle bus, corporate transportation and school bus service throughout Boston and New England.

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