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In light of the global pandemic, a great many couples have had their wedding plans impacted, and in this country approximately 35% of couples postponed their 2020 wedding plans to 2021. But will those wedding plans come off this year, or will another postponement be necessary? If you haven’t already made the decision to defer your wedding to some undefined future date, there are still plenty of details you can take care of right now, so that you can prepare to go full-tilt when COVID-19 restrictions are finally eased up. 

At present, there is still a restriction on the number of people who can gather for events like weddings, so unless you’re planning an extremely small wedding, you’ll have to plan for a date which is beyond the restrictions imposed by coronavirus – and there’s no telling when that date may come. Knowing that vaccinations are already underway, it seems likely that restrictions will be eased this year, although it may be later in the year, due to the slow rate of vaccinations. You just might be safe in targeting a date which is in late summer or beyond, since a great many people should have been vaccinated by then. With that in mind, here are some things you can plan for, and what you can expect in the way of response from vendors of wedding products and services.

Transportation for your wedding party 

If your wedding is scheduled for somewhere in the greater Boston area, you’re in luck with regard to transportation. You can make a reservation right now for the number of people in your wedding party, or perhaps some of your guests as well, for whatever date you have in mind, and that date will be honored by Local Motion of Boston, a premier provider of luxury transportation in the region. This will guarantee that you can have guests delivered to the wedding site on time and in style, by a highly skilled driver who will ensure safety and comfort to whatever destination is called for.

Staying organized 

You’re probably staying in constant touch with the CDC, awaiting any announcements which might affect wedding gatherings, and doing your best to keep attendees informed of the situation at least monthly, if not weekly. Assuming that you plan to proceed with your original date, you should really try to arrange for the wedding to take place outside, where it will be safer for everyone in attendance. You’ll also need to limit the size of the gathering, giving serious consideration to a micro-wedding, if you really want it to take place as scheduled. You might also want to invest in rapid COVID-19 tests for those guests in attendance, to ensure that everyone stays healthy and can be confident of leaving the wedding in good condition.

Negotiating with vendors 

It would be really wise of you to make arrangements with as many vendors as possible for a weekday wedding, for example on a Monday. This is very likely to be a free day for them, and probably will not conflict with any other commitments, so you’ll have a better chance of securing their services on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Of course, this may make it more difficult for your guests to attend, especially those from out of town, but extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, and these are most definitely extraordinary times. If you’ve kept the size of your guest list down to a manageable number, at least you won’t be affecting as many people and their schedules.

Statistically speaking, 52% of all couples planning a wedding in 2020 went ahead and contacted vendors about providing their specialty services, and 75% of couples surveyed could say that vendors were very understanding in trying to arrange things during the period of the pandemic. Making plans for your wedding can definitely go much more smoothly with the help of experts at your side, so you should seek out the assistance of all vendors whom you originally planned to involve in your wedding. You are likely to find that the response you get from vendors is extremely understanding, and that they are all well aware of the impacts made on their industry by the pandemic.

Tips to facilitate your plans 

Assuming that you do go forward with your wedding plans this year, you should also plan for it to be a COVID-19 wedding, even if restrictions may be eased by the actual date. That means you should incorporate social distancing into all wedding plans, and you should include hand sanitizing stations at any venues where your guests will be gathering. Don’t allow yourself to get bogged down with thinking about how nice your wedding could have been if not for COVID-19 – instead, think about how great your wedding event is going to be, regardless of external factors.

How To Safely Move Forward With Your Wedding And How Venues Are Responding How To Safely Move Forward With Your Wedding And How Venues Are Responding

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