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If you need group transportation for clients, that is fast, reliable, and always on time, then motor coaches are the solution. With easy, stress-free routes from A to B, it’s one of the most pleasant, planet-friendly ways to travel there is – and it can help to give your business a boost. For transport throughout New England, there is no better or smoother way. Whether you have a private company, you work as an event planner, you’re in the hospitality sector or a school, we can provide a great solution for your travel needs. 

Our motor coaches come in two sizes, 30-40 passengers and the larger 55 passengers, but we also have all sizes of vehicles available from a 14 passenger corporate van upwards, so no matter what the event or the size of your party, we can always accommodate your booking perfectly.  

If you choose to ride in a motor coach, you can expect a relaxing luxury trip. Why go through the stress of trying to organize a carpool or the hassle of trying to coordinate large groups of people to catch a train? With our motor coaches, it’s merely get-on-and-go. We have some great amenities available onboard to impress your clients and ensure that everyone arrives at their destination in style and comfort.

Air Conditioning – Ever felt overheated and stressed on the train? In our luxury motor coaches, your ride is fully air-conditioned, and the fans can be adjusted from each individual seat to suit the comfort level of whoever is traveling.

Reclining Seats – Is legroom an issue on longer journeys? A coach allows your clients to be entirely comfortable as the seats recline for more considerable amounts of legroom. This is especially useful if your clients have flown in or had a long journey, and may want to take the opportunity to get some rest before you arrive at your destination.

Reading Lights – Your clients may have relevant documents to review as they travel during your event. Individual reading lights at each seat make this process much easier, whether it’s leafing through that vital annual report or just kicking back with your Kindle or a great paperback novel. If the journey takes place in the evening, your clients can light their own space while others rest.

Lots Of Storage – With the best intentions in the world, your clients may find travel a little cramped by car. If they have a lot of luggage – overnight bags, large files – then you quickly run out of space in the trunk, meaning someone ends up with bags balanced awkwardly on their lap. With the luxury of travel by motor coach, storage is no longer a problem. Bulkier items can be securely stowed in the carry space underneath the coach, while items passengers may need to access during the journey are safely in the overhead lockers and easy to grab.

Access To A Lavatory – If your clients need to use the restroom during a long journey, then the only option you have is to find a gas station and use the questionable facilities there. When you choose to travel by coach, your clients have access to a comfortable private lavatory instead, making for a much smoother journey – and a quicker one with no need to stop!

Audiovisual Equipment – Once onboard, you may want to run some activities. And with a TV, DVD and microphone system onboard, communication while you travel is easy. This equipment ensures that you can make the journey part of the overall experience – use the time to do icebreakers with your clients, give the lowdown on your latest project or event, or even show a movie.

Connectivity – Perhaps the most essential part for many clients is the WiFi onboard our motor coaches. This is vital for making sure you can stay connected, check emails and work on the go, or stream some entertainment. There are also 110-volt power outlets, so phones, laptops, and tablets can stay charged up and ready to use, plus iPod docking. Its details live this that will really impress your clients by enhancing their comfort and taking care of their every need. 

Safety and Accessibility – And of course, safety for all is at the heart of what we do. Our motor coaches have the option for handicap accessibility if that is a requirement, as well as 3-point harness seatbelts to ensure your clients travel safely. There is also center-aisle access for quick and efficient passenger loading.

So if you care about making the right impression on your clients, it’s clear that a luxurious motor coach journey can get your event off to a great start.

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Local Motion is your local group transportation expert, having provided over 25 years of safe and dependable charter bus, shuttle bus, corporate transportation and school bus service throughout Boston and New England.

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