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If you haven’t enjoyed a ride on a charter bus before, you might be surprised at how comfortable and luxurious they can really be. A really good charter bus rental company such as Local Motion of Boston has charter buses which can transport groups of various sizes virtually anywhere in the Boston area, or to destinations throughout New England. If you’re the person who has been designated to arrange for charter bus rental, or even if you’re simply one of the group’s passengers, you might want to know what to expect from a charter bus rental company.

What your charter bus rental will be like

Most charter buses have a seating capacity of between 36 and 60 seats, and if your group is larger than this, it will take several buses to transport all of them comfortably. Almost any kind of group might want to secure the services of a charter bus, for instance business groups attending a seminar, wedding guests who are being shuttled between locations, religious groups going to a conference, sports teams traveling to a contest, or even a number of people going to a music festival.

Typically, a full-sized charter bus will have a lavatory at the back of the bus, and this could be very important if the duration of the ride is any longer than an hour or so. There will also be space for luggage to be stowed underneath the the bus, and the seats in the bus will generally have the capability of reclining. This is another important feature for rides which last longer than an hour or so, because it can have a huge impact on the comfort of the passengers, who will begin to get restless after a while.

Most well-equipped charter buses also come with air conditioning for  passenger comfort, as well as DVD players and TV monitors for the entertainment of passengers. This may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but on long rides it is greatly appreciated by passengers to have some kind of amusement like this, so as to distract them from the monotony of the ride itself. Most modern charter bus rentals are also equipped with WiFi and outlets for charging cellphones, in deference to the fact that so many people rely on their phones for constant usage.

Charter buses from Local Motion

When you choose Local Motion of Boston as your supplier for charter bus rentals and group transportation, you can count on having all the amenities included on your charter bus, and also on having the most comfortable ride possible. Our charter buses will also be driven by highly experienced drivers who have years of prior time associated with transporting groups on charter buses.

That means that you can truly relax and leave all the details about getting to your destination to us, and that you can expect to enjoy a completely hassle-free transportation experience to wherever your destination may be in the greater Boston region, or anywhere in the surrounding area of New England.

Boston Group Transportation Services

Local Motion is your local group transportation expert, having provided over 25 years of safe and dependable charter bus, shuttle bus, corporate transportation and school bus service throughout Boston and New England.

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