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Right about now, you should be starting up your planning for that year-end holiday celebrations with your colleagues from work, or for the family excursion that you’ve waited all year for. When you get around to the transportation details, and you start considering group transportation in Boston, the firm you should collaborate with is Local Motion of Boston. For this kind of celebration, you’ll be much better off having the transportation managed for you by a professional Boston bus company, and in vehicles which can accommodate your whole party, very comfortably and stylishly.

Why choose Local Motion? 

We’ve had a great deal of experience with group transportation in Boston, all throughout New England, and even to destinations outside our local area. That means we know the surroundings extremely well, and we will be familiar with whatever destination you have in mind. That will help to plan the best route there and back, so you don’t spend an excessive amount of time in traffic or making wrong turns. Our experienced chauffeurs and drivers are all very familiar with the greater Boston area, and can even point out spots of interest along the way.

When it comes to being transported in style, you simply can’t beat Local Motion of Boston. We have buses which can accommodate as many as 55 individuals at a time, and if your group happens to be larger than that, we can allocate multiple buses to your celebration. Our 55-passenger motor coach is a best-in-class vehicle which is loaded with amenities that will keep you comfortable and relaxed, even on a longer journey. You’ll enjoy air conditioning, overhead lighting, a lavatory, reclining seats, WiFi service, and underneath luggage areas.

There are other options available as well on these well-equipped luxury transportation vehicles. You might need handicap accessibility for some members of your group for instance, and we can provide that on one of our large buses. There will also be 110-volt power outlets which can be made available to your group participants, as well as 3-point harnesses for extra safety during the trip. 

Safety with Local Motion 

Another great reason to choose us is the fact that we consider Passenger Safety to be our most important priority. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure that each of our passengers arrives at the destination safely, and is then transported back home in the same safe manner. We begin by employing only those drivers who have impeccable safety records, and who can pass our extensive interviews into their background, their attitudes, and their personalities. We also do drug and alcohol screenings on prospective employees, and we scrupulously check references to ensure we have the right individuals transporting our clients.

We even require our drivers to go through a program of classroom and hands-on driver training, so we’re sure they’re capable of safely operating a vehicle, and so we’re sure they can demonstrate the proper attitude toward our clients. Even after they’ve passed all our requirements, our drivers are required to continue their education and training by attending in-house training sessions provided by certified bus instructors. All of our drivers have also been certified in CPR and First Aid training, so if any emergencies arise during transit, they are well-qualified to respond appropriately.

Contact us 

No group is too big or too small for us to handle – our Boston bus company can even accommodate groups of thousands of individuals if necessary. That means no matter what kind of year-end celebration you’re planning, we have the drivers, the vehicles, and the experience to handle it for you. Contact us early so that we can help in the planning of your particular celebration, and so we can be an important part of the solution. We’ll be very happy to work with you and to customize transportation to whatever venue you have in mind. By getting an early start, you’ll have time to manage all the little details which come up when planning an excursion, and we can help you handle all those details.

Boston Group Transportation Services

Local Motion is your local group transportation expert, having provided over 25 years of safe and dependable charter bus, shuttle bus, corporate transportation and school bus service throughout Boston and New England.

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