Public and Private Schools
Local Motion of Boston

Public and Private Schools

At Local Motion of Boston, we love kids. Since the beginning, we have provided safe and reliable school transportation to students of all ages, K through the university level. We have a large fleet of late model school buses that include seat belts so everyone travels safely. Our academic customer base is made up of public and private schools, colleges and universities, and for more than 15 years we have transported students of all ages and interests to all varieties of activities, athletics, events and field trips. Let us take care of your:

  • Field trips
  • Athletic games and tournaments
  • Summer schools and camps
  • Special education
  • After school programs
  • Daily school routes

Each student trip receives extraordinary care and special attention from Local Motion, where safety is our chief concern.

Our reservation agents are always available to consult with you and coordinate transportation schedules for your students, faculty and athletic teams, and pay particular attention to your specific transportation details. We are adept at scheduling multiple trips, finding obscure locations, and helping you manage moving large groups of students to numerous destinations. At Local Motion of Boston, we are sensitive to your school's transportation expenditures, and will always offer you options based on economies of scale and better efficiencies to help you stay within budget. Regardless of your student headcount, locations, event purpose, stops or customization, Local Motion caters to every request with exceptional service so everyone has an organized and fun transportation experience.

Call 781-535-6344 to speak with a reservation agent about transportation accommodations for your special event or field trip. Or, complete an online quotation request.