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There are literally a million and one details to account for in the days leading up to a wedding, and you can remove one of the bigger headaches by arranging for professional wedding transportation for your wedding group. Local Motion of Boston specializes in exactly this kind of transportation, all around the city and even in parts of New England. Keep us in mind if you’d like to remove one of the potentially thorny issues from your wedding checklist, and put it in the hands of professionals. Here are some of the factors you should be considering for your group wedding transportation.

When to book

When you get within about three or four months of your wedding date, it’s time to consider making a reservation for your wedding group transportation. By this time, you should know pretty much all the details about who’s in your party, and who will need transportation on that day. Keep in mind that weddings in spring and early summer may need to have transportation arranged even earlier since that is a popular season for proms and graduations.

Who needs to be transported

As soon as it’s practical, you should try and get a headcount for all the people in your party who will need transportation on the wedding day. This will usually include the bride and groom, the entire wedding party, both sets of parents, grandparents, and sometimes even siblings. It may be a consideration to transport wedding guests from hotels and between the wedding ceremony and reception locations. You may also have some other close relatives or some friends from out of town who should be included on the transportation list. You can draw the line on who gets transportation based on your allowable budget, and you can find out the cost of specific transportation modes by contacting a transportation company.

Transportation times

To build in a safety factor, you should plan on having your guest transported to wherever they need to be such that they arrive 15-30 minutes early. From this time, you can schedule backwards, so that any activities prior to transportation time can also have times assigned to them. Make sure you take into account the traffic along the route which will be traveled, and if guests need to prepare at the destination site, they should be delivered there even sooner.

Cost of group wedding transportation

Once you know exactly how many people will require transportation, and you’ve timed out the routes which will be needed, you can contact a company about the cost. Typically, the cost will be calculated by the hour, and there will be a minimum time period involved, such as four hours. You’ll probably want written confirmation of all scheduled trips from the transportation company, so that you have a firm commitment that it will be done according to your specifications. You should generally call two or three transportation companies to get a quote, but you will probably find that the best service and the best rates will be provided by Local Motion of Boston.

Whom to contact for reliable wedding transportation

To be sure of having all your wedding guests in the right place at the right time, contact Local Motion of Boston. Regardless of how big or small your wedding party is, we’ll have exactly the right vehicle to provide maximum comfort and style for your attendees. Contact us today with any inquiries you may have, or to book a date for your wedding party’s transportation around the city of Boston.

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