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When you have somewhere you need to go, with a large group of people, then the logistics can be a nightmare. Navigating public transport, with all the timetables, different fares and long journey times means that you’re often exhausted before you’ve even reached your destination.  That’s why hiring a smart and speedy minibus or motor coach or school bus to get you there is definitely the better option. You can avoid a whole lot of stress and arrive where you’re going refreshed and ready for a new adventure.

How To Hire Your Minibus Or Coach

Finding the right company to make sure you and your travelling group arrive safely at your destination is easy. Local Motion of Boston can make the process smooth and seamless for you. Make contact with your location, destination and number of travellers, and we can provide a competitive quote.  We are fully covered with the necessary insurance to give you peace of mind about your journey. Our coaches are modern and regularly inspected to make sure they are running smoothly. Plus, our team of friendly, experienced drivers can get you where you need to go in no time. 

Why Do Coaches Do It Better?

Hiring a coach can make for a great experience. After all, the journey is part of the trip, and with the right fit, you can make it one of the most enjoyable parts! Travel by coach has been around for years, and it continues to be one of the most popular forms of group travel  – for very good reason! It suits our modern lives and the way we like to travel for a number of reasons:

Stress-Free Travelling – Co-ordinating a large group of people for a trip is often referred to as ‘like herding cats’, for a good reason! Whether its a class of schoolchildren, a sports team, a group of friends or a social gather, the sheer number of individuals involved can cause a headache. Marshalling that many people on and off trains, buses or trying to arrange a carpool is a logistical nightmare – with no guarantee that everyone will arrive at the destination on time. Going by coach is the easy option for large groups. There’s no decision on who should drive, the order of pick-ups, which route to choose, finding space for luggage or co-ordinating different timetables. You simply get on and go. Everyone can sit back, relax and enjoy the view in comfort. It makes the travel much more a part of the whole experience – in fact, many people say the opportunity to sit and chat with their friends on the way there and back is one of their favourite parts of the whole excursion!

Save Money – Of course, one of the most important aspects of group travel is the budget. Getting people to agree to a trip means planning something that everyone can afford to participate in, and falling out over money is one of the greatest difficulties in arranging a group trip. It’s little wonder with the spiralling costs of train travel and petrol. With a minibus or coach hire trip, the price is fixed from the outset. If you have a large party hiring a coach and splitting the cost, the price is low enough to please everybody. This makes it a really cost-effective way to travel, and may even give the opportunity for an excursion to those who might not otherwise have been able to afford to go. 

Boston Group Transportation Services

Local Motion is your local group transportation expert, having provided over 25 years of safe and dependable charter bus, shuttle bus, corporate transportation and school bus service throughout Boston and New England.

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