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At Local Motion of Boston, we are always trying to make riding more comfortable for our passengers, and to add more value to their journey, so that we can continue being the number one choice for shuttle service and for professionally hosted group travel on our buses, vans, and Boston Motor Coaches. For this reason, we have recently purchased five new 2019 MCI J4500 motor coaches, which will give us the capability of driving your large group to any event or destination in style and comfort. These state-of-the-art vehicles can comfortably accommodate 54 passengers, and if anyone in your party happens to be physically disabled, a wheelchair lift on board can make maneuvering as easy as pie.

Features of the MCI J4500 Motor Coach

First of all, there are quite a few safety features built in to this ultra-modern vehicle, and since safety is of the utmost importance to Local Motion, that was a powerful appeal for us in purchasing these motor coaches. Always-on sensors detect tire pressure changes at all times, so any sudden blowouts can be avoided, and so slowly depressurizing tires can be instantly detected and repaired. There is a fire detection system installed in the engine compartment, so sudden engine fires will be detected, and the Amerex fire suppression system would be immediately triggered, to handle whatever kind of fire might be in progress. Wheel faults will be sensed by digital wheel-end sensing equipment, so that problems don’t arise around any of the wheels. All the passenger windows are laminated safety glass which delivers extra strength and resistance to shattering. There’s also a dual-latch emergency release mechanism on all the windows, so that in the even of any kind of emergency, passengers could quickly exit the vehicle, rather than becoming stuck inside. The interior passenger space has been rated best in class by industry experts, as it provides very comfortable seating for all passengers, something which is very important on longer rides, where riders must stay in place for quite awhile. Each seat is equipped with a comfortable headrest, allowing passengers to recline and rest their heads during extended journeys, and the 3-point seat belts provide greater safety while also permitting greater movement. The vehicle is equipped with a chemical lavatory for the convenience and comfort of travelers, so it won’t be necessary to make special stops along the way, and so there won’t be any waiting when individuals need to use the on-board bathroom. This lavatory is considerably larger than those installed in previous versions of this shuttle, and it has been equipped with various safety features which make it highly resistant to vandalism and to abuse by inconsiderate users.

Interior amenities

When passengers are boarding, they can take advantage of the unique spiral entrance stairway and the very handy grab rails. Older passengers will especially appreciate this feature, because it affords a greater level of safety for boarding and deboarding from the motor coach. The parcel rack which the shuttle is equipped with has been shortened with a view toward improving the interior ambience, and to provide more flexibility in terms of the floor plan of the vehicle. The first three rows of passenger seats are built up into a theater-style tiered seating arrangement, which allows for excellent viewing by the passengers as they tour the city, or the countryside on longer trips. There’s also an exclusive center-aisle ramp which permits easy entrance and exit for all those on board, and which makes maneuvering inside much easier to do. Those who have ridden on vehicles which have very cramped movements in the interior of the shuttle can attest to how valuable this center aisle ramp can be. Especially for those longer trips or for those involving an overnight drive, the LED lighting available will be extremely handy and useful. There is indirect ceiling and stepwell lighting for safety’s sake, there are LED spot lights in the ceiling which have a blue ‘night light’ function, stepwell handrail lighting is included, ceiling strip lights, and window lights, and all lights have a ‘dimming’ feature which allows you to control the level of lighting. The fabric used in the interior is customizable, which means you can have it configured to your own tastes and usage intentions, while options are also available for the interior trim and flooring. Each of these Boston Motor Coaches owned by Local Motion is equipped with six 15″ HDMI wide-screen monitors, which can display output from DVD’s, or which can provide sound from AM/FM radios or CD’s for the entertainment of passengers. There’s also a generic 12V power supply which can be used by passengers for Wi-Fi installation, as well as for added accessories. Every seat has access to a 110V outlet as well as a USB port which can be used for charging mobile devices and much more. An integrated battery charger is also provided, along with 4,000W inverter.

Which events are most suitable for these new motor coaches?

These smooth-riding motor coaches are probably best suited for longer trips which call for providing comfort over the course of several hours of riding time. However, even if you just need employees shuttled to and from work, the high-capacity seating configuration will allow for a great many employees to be picked up and transported easily. Whether your destination is out-of-state, or simply out of downtown Boston, you really could not make a better choice than to schedule a shuttle service or an extended trip using one or more of these beautiful, modernized motor coaches.

User-friendly and user-appreciated

As you can see, all the marvelous features and additions which have been included in these brand new Boston Motor Coaches, have been specially chosen to provide greater comfort and convenience to the passengers who have selected Local Motion as their shuttle service provider. We couldn’t be happier with the terrific performance of these new vehicles, and we are very proud to offer them to our clients as a first-class way of getting around town, or of being shuttled to some other destination. If you have a large group which requires transportation to an event or destination within the city limits or several states away, we’d like to hear from you. You’ll be glad you chose Local Motion, and we’ll be glad to offer you the very best in hosted transportation.

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