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If you haven’t heard of Sprinter Shuttles, the term ‘Sprinter’ refers to the specific make of a van – the Mercedes Sprinter.  Most of these Sprinter Vans are built for the purpose of shuttling passengers to and from events which have been organized, or between destinations planned for your group. The Sprinter Shuttles used by Local Motion of Boston generally provide seating for 14 individuals, which means they can easily accommodate a modest-sized party, so your entire group can stay together as they’re being driven to your planned destination.

Every member of your party will appreciate being escorted to the event you’ve planned, because each of our Sprinter Shuttles is well equipped to provide the kind of comfort which makes traveling a joy, rather than a hassle or a tedious nuisance. Center-aisle access is provided, so that it’s easy to maneuver inside the vehicle, and so people aren’t crammed into seats with little or no movement possible.

Reclining seats make it possible to rest along the way, especially on the return trip, after what may have been a tiring experience at the destination. After such a journey, having the capability of reclining your seat and enjoying a period of relaxation can be a real godsend. Air conditioning is also included on all of our Sprinter Shuttles, so that your party can journey in comfort, regardless of weather conditions on the outside, and anyone who has had to travel around Boston in the summertime can attest to the fact that it can get pretty hot and humid in the city.

Riders will also appreciate our 3-point harness seat belts, which afford greater safety while also being less restrictive for passengers. For riders who need to be active on their mobile devices during transit, free Wi-Fi service is provided so that you don’t have to engage your phone service’s normal data provisions.

Discount eligibility

You may be entitled to discounts for your planned shuttle service if any of the following conditions apply. If you wish to engage Sprinter Shuttles for any time of year considered to be off peak season or off peak hours, that will qualify for a lower rate on the whole trip. You may also have in mind a longer journey, out of the city and toward some destination which may be out of state, and that is also eligible for a discount.

When you reserve multiple Sprinter Shuttles rather than a single vehicle, that will also qualify you for receiving a discount off your package price. Finally, if there are local transfers involved in the destination of your planned outing, that would be one other way that you can qualify for a reduced rate on your Sprinter Shuttle package price.

Why book our Sprinter Shuttles?

There are actually quite a few reasons why you should consider Local Motion of Boston before any other shuttle service in the city, the first of which is our impressive safety record. Our vehicles are maintained in top-notch operational condition, with all necessary maintenance performed regularly, so there is little chance for any kind of breakdown while in transit.

The drivers we employ are all professionals with a great deal of experience, and with the proper temperament for driving on a commercial basis, i.e. they have the necessary patience and composure to deal with any kind of traffic situations which may arise. That may not sound like a huge deal, but just think how often you have encountered traffic situations which made you want to pull your hair out, or which might have caused you at least a modest amount of anger.

In many cases, our Sprinter Shuttles are used by companies for the purpose of shuttling employees between work and home, so as to ensure their safe arrival, and at a pre-specified time. This kind of arrangement has the potential to provide a ton of benefits to the company which uses such a service, since it eliminates a number of other vehicles which would otherwise require parking space at your company premises, and it helps to reduce the volume of traffic around your building.

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of arranging for an employee shuttle service with our Sprinter Shuttles is that it gives your employees a sense of importance, and makes them feel as though they are genuinely wanted by your company. That translates to better motivation on the job, and generally even to increased employee loyalty, which is another way of saying that your company is doing a good job of retaining its key employees.

Whether you intend to book our Sprinter Shuttles for a trip to an exciting group destination, or simply to shuttle your company employees back and forth from work, we’d like you to know that those safe and comfortable Sprinter Shuttles are standing by, and they are indeed ready for work!

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Local Motion is your local group transportation expert, having provided over 25 years of safe and dependable charter bus, shuttle bus, corporate transportation and school bus service throughout Boston and New England.

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