One of the most important things you can do as a businessperson is to spend time in the company of others who are in the same or similar lines of work. The more that you network, the more that you learn from other people, and in this way you can hope to develop and further your own career greatly. If you are keen to try and do this, you will absolutely want to attend the Professional Women in Leadership Summit in Boston this month. In this blog post, we’ll take you through some of the most important information surrounding this summit, as well as what to expect from it as a takeaway.

Connect With Decision Makers

The whole purpose of this summit is to enable you to connect with decision makers from various parts of industry and business, and learn how it is that they approach different parts of their career. By listening to and engaging with them, you will be able to develop a sense of what you need to do in your own career and your own business, and that is a hugely helpful way to move forwards. This summit is a full two days of inspirational speakers and leaders, and includes many workshops and activities designed to help you improve how you approach aspects of your own business life.

Amongst these activities are self-discovery activities, skill-building opportunities, plenty of engaged group discussions, and the ability to carry out some genuine action planning too. In this way, you can join in with other women in leadership to grow and learn together, and help each other out in a way that ensures that you are going to acquire a range of new skills and attitudes that you can easily take forward. Overall, you will learn how to leverage your place in the world in such a way that you can make the most of increasing opportunities in gender equality in the workplace and in business management specifically.

Key Learning

You will have the chance to learn many useful things at this summit, including how to create strategies for dealing with your work/life balance in an interesting way, and how to shift into a more 21st century way of thinking as you approach your leadership career – something that many people still struggle with, being stuck as they are in various 19th century modes of thinking. You’ll also have a chance to learn how to lead from strength and how to embrace positive conflict in the workplace, while coming to some handy resolution techniques that you are going to absolutely love.

Possibly most importantly, you will come away with a better understanding of how you can translate your passion into a real job, and communicate in the way that a CEO would communicate. Before long, you can be the business leader that you know you deserve to be, and you’ll be able to build a management toolkit and roadmap which you can take with you going forward.

Registration Packages

There are three packages to choose from if you want to attend this event. The lowest cost one is known as the Delegate Package, and comes in at $1,499. With this package, you get access to the two day summit, master classes, an interactive focus session, discussions with experts in various industries, and the cocktail reception. For the mid-range package, you’ll be paying $4,124. This is known as the Exhibition Package, and with that you get to have your own exhibition space to use as you please, as well as all of the benefits of the Delegate Package. At the top end you have the Keynote Sponsorship, which includes a speaking slot of 40 minutes, an acknowledgement in the opening address, logo on the website with a link to your business, 10% on delegate fees, and branding at post-event communication activities.


The summit is to be held at the Colonnade Hotel, 120 Huntington Avenue, Boston. Depending on where you are coming from, you might wish to stay at the hotel itself or anywhere nearby – and you will also need to arrange some kind of transportation too. The best way to do that is probably with a group transportation service such as that offered by the Local Motion of Boston team. That way, you will be delivered to the door in good time and safely, so you can carry on and enjoy the summit for the entire two days.

If this sounds like something you could make use of, consider booking your place today.

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