In the past few months, our world has been turned upside down. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge effect on everyone’s’ day-to-day lives, right up to the drastic consequences of a full lockdown. Now, as the country slowly starts to recover, staying safe in this new world is a paramount concern. With your children going back to school, access to safe and reliable student transportation is more important than ever. Local Motion of Boston is a transportation expert, and our school bus service has been thoroughly examined to ensure we are not only complying with health advice, but going above and beyond to look after the safety of our passengers, and their peace of mind. Safety Precautions

The Importance of School Buses

For many people, the school bus is their sole method of traveling to and from their place of education. Schooling is a vitally important part of every young person’s life. It is the environment in which your child will learn academically, whilst also developing valuable social skills that will serve them throughout their life. At Local Motion, we understand our role in allowing this education to continue following the COVID-19 pandemic. Public transport has been an area of concern for many people, and it is vital that parents and children feel that they are traveling to and from school in safety and security. The school bus is an infamous symbol of our education system, and it is one we are proud to keep running through this difficult time.

Embarking onto the Bus

Our safety procedures begin before the bus even arrives, as we ask students to socially distance as much as possible whilst waiting for the bus. As they come into the bus, we will ask that they begin this loading process by occupying seats first at the rear of the bus, then filling up from the back in an organized fashion. We take pride in providing clear and simple instructions for students to follow, helping them to keep themselves and each other safe. It is by working together in this way that we can make the new world work for everyone.

Social Distancing on the Bus

As part of our new policies, you can be assured that we will be implementing a social distancing safety precaution on our buses. Practically, this will translate as one student seated to each bench, on alternating sides for each row. This ‘diagonal’ pattern of seating will ensure each child has their own bubble of space, avoiding potential contamination and keeping every passenger safe and secure. In an exception to this rule, children from the same household will of course be able to be seated together. In this way, siblings will be able to travel together without being separated, whilst maintaining social distancing from other passengers.

Disembarking from the Bus

Our safety precautions also stretch to seeing your children safely out of the bus upon arrival at the school. In our new procedure, the bus should be unloaded in a controlled manner, starting from the front of the bus – so in reverse order to how the children boarded the bus. By instituting this method, we will avoid children passing each other in close quarters whilst on the bus, once again avoiding unnecessary risks. The Local Motion school bus service is committed to keeping our passengers safe from the moment we pick them up, right through the journey, until they have been safely delivered to school premises. Safety Precautions

Trusting the Local Motion Team

Local Motion has provided over twenty-five years of safe, dependable bus services throughout Boston and New England. From school buses to corporate transportation, we have met the unique transportation needs of every client, and we pride ourselves on keeping our passengers feeling comfortable and stress-free. In this new, post-COVID19 world, we are using all the skills we have developed over the last two decades to ensure our services are the safest, most reliable options out there. All our team members are fully apprised of our safety precautions, and they will be there to help you and your children adjust and to keep our standards up to the very highest quality. We are ready to adapt, ready to listen, and ready to implement all the necessary safety precautions that will keep our school buses running, and transporting children to their places of education. All Local Motion of Boston team members are committed to keeping you safe. We are here for you now and always.Safety Precautions

Boston Group Transportation Services

Local Motion is your local group transportation expert, having provided over 25 years of safe and dependable charter bus, shuttle bus, corporate transportation and school bus service throughout Boston and New England.

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