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When you’re scheduling a tour for a small group of people, one of the best ways of having everyone enjoy the sights to be seen is to have them all transported in a shuttle van which can accommodate the group size. Hiring a Boston shuttle van will allow all your employees or your group of friends to forget about the hassles of driving, so they can just focus on enjoying the sights around Boston. There are a number of reasons why taking a shuttle van is usually your best option for taking a group on a tour, and some of these are described below.

No safety concerns 

You can count on navigating the busy city streets safely, when you hire a Boston shuttle van from Local Motion of Boston, because all vehicles are regularly maintained and serviced, to minimize the chances of any kind of breakdown or malfunction. Drivers are chosen for their safety records, and are very knowledgeable about all traffic routes in the city, so you’ll never get lost and so you can avoid most heavy traffic areas. Safety is a big concern, and when you leave the driving to professionals, you can count on having a safe and enjoyable tour.

Less expensive option 

One of the least expensive options you could arrange for when coordinating your group tour is to hire a shuttle van. With just a single payment to the shuttle van operator, all expenses are taken care of, so you don’t have to worry about any other costs. If you were to arrange a tour where everyone in your group is driving themselves, you’d probably have to reimburse all those employees for their costs, and it would add up to a considerable expense. 

Efficient travel 

Keeping your whole group together can be a difficult prospect if they’re all traveling by themselves, and you could probably count on losing at least a few participants along the way. When you hire a shuttle van for the tour, you can easily keep everyone together, so there’s no problem with stragglers, and so everyone is on the same page with sightseeing. You also won’t have a whole slew of vehicles to park at every stop along the way, since there would be a single shuttle van which needs to be accommodated at any tour stops.

Team building 

One of the side benefits of transporting your group in a shuttle van is that it promotes team building while the group is traveling. People get to know each other outside their normal daily job routines, and a more personal side of everyone can be appreciated. This generally leads to better relationships at work, and increased collaboration for all those who take the tour together. People on the tour may not quite become friends just by sharing the experience of the tour, but it is likely to promote better relationships and better teamwork in the aftermath of the event.

Elimination of driving issues 

There’s a lot to be said for leaving all your worries about driving behind, and being able to just enjoy the moment when you’re on a group tour. Boston streets can sometimes be extremely congested, and this can be a source of frustration to many drivers, so it would be ideal to be able to leave all that out of the picture, and simply focus on seeing the most memorable sights of the city. If the people on your tour are unsure of where the destination may be, or if they’re not sure of the best route to get there, that can be another aggravation when they’re trying to navigate. Why not forget about all those potential issues, and hire a Boston shuttle van to get you there quickly and efficiently?

Boston Group Transportation Services

Local Motion is your local group transportation expert, having provided over 25 years of safe and dependable charter bus, shuttle bus, corporate transportation and school bus service throughout Boston and New England.

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