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Having provided top-notch school and charter buses for numerous excursions, we’ve honed our services to perfection.

A field trip is not merely a ride to a different location but a journey filled with learning, adventure, and camaraderie. Part of this is ensuring safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation for all involved. With our professional handling, extensive experience, and fleet of high-quality buses, we are here to make that journey seamless and memorable.

Let’s embark on this ride together! Visit our website for more details. Stay tuned and buckle up for an adventurous learning experience!

The Advantages of Choosing Local Motion of Boston: Premier Charter Buses for School Trips

When it comes to organizing a school trip, transportation is one of the vital factors that requires careful consideration. Choosing a reliable and established transport service is crucial to the overall success of your trip. For schools based in Boston and the greater New England region, one of the preferred choices is Local Motion of Boston. Being the premier provider of charter buses, our company brings a plethora of advantages that undoubtedly sets us apart.

We understand that trust is paramount when parents and schools are entrusting their children to our care. Local Motion of  boasts years of experience in the industry, ensuring our charter buses are managed by a highly-qualified and professional team. We specialize in providing efficient and hassle-free group transportation, suitable for various occasions. Not just limited to school trips, our charter buses cater to other group journeys, and are comfortable for both students and staff.

Features of Our Charter Buses: Making Your School Trip Comfortable

Comfort is a must for any journey, especially when travelling in a group for an extended period. To guarantee an enjoyable and comfortable trip for both students and teachers, Local Motion of Boston’s charter buses are furnished with a range of features. Tailored with the unique needs of our passengers in mind, finest comfort and convenience are our top priority.

Regardless of the duration of your trip, our charter buses are equipped with spacious seats with legroom, ensuring comfortable seating throughout your journey. Our vehicles come with advanced climate control to offer the best in climate comfort irrespective of the season. We also recognize the importance of entertainment and informational needs during transit, hence our buses come equipped with Wi-Fi facilities and AV system for an enjoyable voyage.

As you may see, your journey’s comfort and success is of utmost importance to us. Thus, whether you’re planning a quick day trip or an extended excursion, you can rely on us to provide the most comfortable and reliable transportation option. With features designed with our passengers in mind, our charter buses are perfect for making your school trip an experience to remember.

Safety First: Ensuring Secure School Transfers With Local Motion of Boston

At Local Motion of  Boston, the safety of our passengers, particularly students, is our top priority. We understand the responsibility we carry when we are chosen to transport your student body from one place to another. That’s why we follow stringent safety procedures and protocols.

Our drivers are thoroughly vetted and have undergone extensive safety and defensive driving training. They are experienced in managing large groups and are adept at ensuring a secure and safe trip. All our vehicles are serviced and checked regularly to ensure their optimal performance and safety on the road.

Furthermore, our buses are equipped with First Aid Kits and technological devices for direct communication with the central base, allowing us to respond promptly to any situation that may arise. With Local Motion of  Boston, teachers and parents can rest assured that the students are in safe hands.

Streamlined Booking Process: Easy Steps to Plan Your School Trip With Us

We understand the planning that goes into organizing a school trip, hence we’ve simplified our booking process to ease this burden. Our process is straightforward. It starts with a visit to our website where you can fill out our online booking form.

The form asks for information about the trip, like the date, number of students, and the destination. A representative will then get back to you promptly with a quote. If you agree to the terms, the bus is booked for the specified date and time. It’s that simple!

Our team is always available to answer any queries or concerns you might have during the booking process. Our objective is to make the planning process as simple as possible for you, allowing you to focus on the educational goals of your trip.

Travel Destinations: Explore New England with Local Motion of  Boston

New England, with its wealth of historic sites, natural parks, museums, and more, offers endless possibilities for educational and fun school trips. Local Motion of Boston’s extensive service coverage in the region makes it possible for schools to plan a variety of trip itineraries.

Whether it’s immersive history lessons at the Freedom Trail, inspiring science sessions at the Boston Science Museum, or exploring the natural beauty of White Mountain National Forest, Local Motion of Boston can efficiently transport your students to these and many more destinations across New England. Our team can also provide useful insights to help plan a rewarding and educational journey. Trust Local Motion of Boston to make your New England school trips memorable and enjoyable.


Local Motion of Boston emerges as the top choice for charter buses in New England, combining comfort, safety, and convenience for school trips. With features like plush seating, climate control, and entertainment systems, it ensures an enjoyable ride. The company prioritizes safety through regular maintenance and professional drivers, making it a reassuring option for parents and teachers. Booking is straightforward, offering a hassle-free experience for organizers. Cost-effectiveness, despite the high quality of service, makes it an affordable option for schools. Ultimately, Local Motion of Boston enhances the experience of exploring New England’s educational venues, making each journey as enriching as the destination itself.

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Local Motion is your local group transportation expert, having provided over 25 years of safe and dependable charter bus, shuttle bus, corporate transportation and school bus service throughout Boston and New England.

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