How are you getting to the ceremony and from the ceremony to the reception? Is the couple going alone, or is transport provided for the wedding party? There are some things to consider when planning your transport. This can be that little bit of downtime to take in the moment. Or enjoy a quick pre-celebration with the wedding party. There are many options to make this a fun experience. Whether it is a short ride or a trip to where photos are being taken, you can ride in style, take a trip down memory lane, or a quaint horse-drawn carriage. Here are five wedding transportation ideas for you and your wedding party.

Sports Cars and Vintage Vehicles

If the ride to the ceremony and from there to the reception is all about the bride and groom, an edgier ride such as two-seater sports car is a good way to go. Perhaps an Aston Martin DB11, or a Ferrari California T, Bentley, McLaren, or a Lamborghini. Ultra-exotic specialty vehicles are always available for wedding celebrations. These will get you to your reception in a flash and in style, although the bride may want to rehearse getting in and out of a low riding sports car in style. Vintage cars may be your thing. Antique vehicles are a thing of beauty. This could be a Rolls Royce, Volkswagen, Chrysler, Bentley, or a classic truck. They also create the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. Many couples are choosing a chauffeured car service to and from their wedding reception. Whether it is bright colors or a weathered look, vintage vehicles say a lot.

Two Wheels or Four Legs with a Carriage

A horse-drawn carriage is a classic. This is the ultimate storybook ending and is a great fit for an outdoor wedding. Horse-drawn buggies can fit many passengers. They create excellent photo opportunities and lasting memories. You could even go all out leading the wedding party on a royal style procession. Whether it is a modern style or an old feel, a horse-drawn carriage is a good way to go. If you are not into the idea of being chauffeured, consider your two-wheel options. This could be a motorcycle, Vespa, or a tandem bike. If you are doing a big city wedding, this is a fun way to navigate around the traffic to get to the reception. The couple will certainly get frame-worthy photos with one of these options.

A Riverboat Fantasy

If your wedding is near or on a lake, ocean, or down by the river, take advantage of a romantic waterway trip. You could be celebrating a small intimate wedding on a yacht with close friends and family. This could be a speed boat to get you from the ceremony area to the reception when having a wedding on any body of water. Some couples may even opt for a water-based getaway, rowing off in a canoe or paddleboat. For someone who may have grown up by the water, this could be an important part of the wedding. The calming sounds of the ocean or lake, the beautiful sunset photos and lasting memories and the waterways create the perfect backdrop for large or small weddings.

Fly into the Reception in Style

This is quite literally an airlift to your reception. This sounds extreme, but a helicopter ride, able to carry many people with champagne. Consider this, you are having a wedding in the mountains. You charter a helicopter to take you for a ride and tour of the mountain tops. You then make a grandiose entrance to your reception, exit the helicopter and start the party. Granted there are limitations when and where a helicopter can be landed. This is something you want to consider when choosing your venue, which you can do through But, this would be a memorable moment never forgotten.

The Party Bus Has Arrived

If you are looking to transport the wedding party among others, you want transportation to accommodate. Stretch limos and stretch SUV’s are obvious choices. Yet, why not do something different and deck out a party bus. Pack it full of party favors, decorations, and drinks, and have a mini celebration before the party. You may even want to consider transporting all your guests in the form of shuttles. This is beneficial for wedding locations where parking is at a premium. It also adds something special to chauffeur your guests to the reception. They too can enjoy a mini celebration before the big party.

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